professionally cleaned oven

8 Reasons to have your oven professionally cleaned

Lets face it, cleaning the oven is not a task any of us enjoy. We will do everything we can to avoid cleaning the oven. It takes absolutely ages to do and makes the kitchen smell like a chemical plant.

However the longer we leave it, the worse its gets! Its probably the most forgotten about regularly used kitchen appliance. Its amazing to hear that some people think they can get away without cleaning their ovens for months and even years.

Keeping your oven clean is beneficial to yours and your families health. A dirty oven that smokes your food can be toxic. Giving your oven a deep, thorough cleaning without using toxic chemicals isn’t easy. Those chemicals are potentially harmful to you and your family.

You could clean your oven naturally but it would be much easier to hire a professional oven cleaner. A professional oven clean takes about 2 hours to complete and you’ll be able use your oven straight away afterwards, due to the eco-friendly process. Here is our top eight reasons to have your oven cleaned be a professional;

  1. Fire risk
    A greasy oven with food debris on the surfaces and in the bottom is more likely to catch fire than a clean oven. It will also set your smoke detectors off, which can be quite annoying. Even a dirty grill is a fire hazard. Grease and bits of food fragments around your cooker fans is also a fire risk.
  2. It’s a deeper clean
    A professional will be able to remove everything including grease, food debris and carbon. Shop bought and homemade cleaners will only remove the top layer of grease.
  3. Health risk
    Keeping your oven clean and germ free is an important part of keeping a clean home. Not all harmful germs and bacteria are killed by cooking so your food could potentially be exposed putting your family at risk of illness.
  4. Energy consumption
    A dirty oven takes longer to heat up, which uses more energy and increase your energy bills.
  5. Time-saving
    A professional oven cleaner will save you time allowing you to enjoy doing more of the things you want to do and not have to do.
  6. Cleaning products and tools
    Shop bought cleaning products are usually toxic, messy to use and won’t get into all the nooks and crannies, a professional oven clean gets everywhere clean.
  7. Food Quality
    Old grease and bits of food build-up that accumulates in your oven will infuse your food and make it taste bad. A professional oven clean will significantly increase the quality and taste of your food.
  8. It can prolong the life of your oven
    Some will believe this and some won’t but how many people have a had a fan go wrong on an oven or know someone that has? It is simple things get dirty they block, they get stiff they go wrong, isn’t that why we have our cars services? — Dirty ovens break down more often than clean ovens. Elements heat unevenly and crack, fans clog up and burn out and seals split and leak.

Get your oven cleaned professionally and regularly — it will make your life better and save you money!