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Are your Carpets, Oven & Upholstery ready for Christmas?

You’ve got family, friends and both coming for Christmas dinner and you’re already busy planning for the big day. They’re all looking forward to a delicious dinner and some relaxation time in the lounge afterwards. Catering for everyone isn’t easy, you’ve got more than the food and drink to think about. Mum-in-law, his/her sisters and even picky aunt Penny are all going to be covertly inspecting every inch of your home. A greasy oven, mucky carpet or stained sofa will not do at all!

Save yourself the hassle and get someone in to clean the lot!

Nobody wants to set aside time for cleaning in the run up to Christmas. Especially cleaning sofas and carpets. As for cleaning your oven, do you really have an afternoon to spare for this in December? All that shopping, those parties and school activities have already filled up you’re calender.

Get your carpets cleaned for Christmas

You cannot beat that ‘freshly cleaned carpets smell’ when you walk into a room. A room that has recently been cleaned by a professional. And you only get that smell from professional carpet cleaning.

You’re going to spend so much time preparing your home for the arrival of your guests. Tidying up, maybe rearranging the furniture to reveal old carpet stains and doing your best with the vacuum cleaner and polish. You’ll have hours of fun putting up all those beautiful Christmas decorations too. Don’t go and spoil it by trying to mask those subtle odours coming from your carpet. Odours that only your guests can smell because you have got used to them. Sound familiar! Go on, give us a call and book us in, you know you’ll be so happy you did.

Sofas and chairs cleaned for Christmas

Odours don’t just come from carpets you know. Its probably no surprise to you that a sofa can become a bit ‘whiffy’ after a while. It probably is a surprise however that your dining room chairs can emit an odour too. The closer your guests get to these the stronger the odour becomes. Now you can try buying a throw to go over the settee and chairs or some seat covers for the dining room. But you know you’re just kidding yourself. As soon as they sit down that smell will waft up. So go on, call us today and book our first class upholstery cleaning service — you deserve the treat to yourself!

Don’t forget to get your oven professionally cleaned for Christmas too!

This is most definitely a treat for the chef in the house at Christmas. Whether that’s you or your other half, there’s no doubting a sparklingly clean oven does a better job than a dirty one. Your guests will notice too. Why risk tainting your lovely roast with a stale grease and grime tang from all those other meals cooked throughout the year.

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