professional carpet cleaning trainer

Need a Career Change?

Become a Professional Carpet Cleaner!

Are you fed up in your current job? Have you just lost your job? Do you want more control over the hours you work? You’re probably feeling a little bit stuck. Stuck in a job you used to enjoy, but not any more. A job you were hoping would pay well after a few years. If this sounds familiar read on…

We might have a solution to your job problem. Retrain as a professional carpet cleaner and reap the benefits. You pick you’re own hours, choose you’re own hourly rate (within reason 😊) and enjoy the satisfaction of making people happy. Those people will be your customers. Not you’re bosses customers!

How much can I earn? 💷 💷 💷

You can earn anything from £15 to £75 per hour. This depends broadly on the type of cleaning you’re doing and the area you live. Typically you’ll price a job based on the type and size of the rooms to be cleaned. To increase you’re earnings even more you could branch out. Adding services such as oven cleaning and other domestic or commercial cleaning services will help you earn more.

There is so much upheaval in the employment market right now. The UK and global economies are not in great shape. However economic activity is expected to bounce back quickly. Now could be the best time to cut your losses and make a career change. A career change that could change your life — for the better!

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