Carpet Cleaning Courses

Carpet Cleaning Courses by the North-West’s Leading Independent Carpet Cleaning Company

1 day training course – £180

We offer a 1 day carpet cleaning courses designed for people who are new to carpet cleaning. When you purchase a carpet cleaning machine you usually get a free training course included, which is excellent, although this course is in a classroom and covers the different types of carpets, PH levels, burns test etc. It doesn’t include how to use the machine, this is what our course offers.

You go out for the day with the owner of the business cleaning real carpets in customer’s homes. We show you how to set up the machine, pre spray, agitation, how to mix the chemicals and how to use the wand in the correct manner. At the end of the day you will feel confident using the machine and will know how to clean carpets, including how to treat and remove spots and stains. We also give you contacts for purchasing a machine and carpet cleaning solutions.

Carpet Cleaning Courses Consist of the following:

trainer Ryan with his van
  • 1 day carpet cleaning course
  • One off fee
  • No ongoing costs
  • One to one training with the owner of the business
  • Active hands on practical training
  • Ongoing telephone support on completion of training
  • Contacts given for all equipment & solutions
  • Exceptional value for money package

To book your training day please call 0800 907 0095 0095 or 079360 60076 and speak with Ryan

To learn more technical information please visit carpet cleaning at Wikipedia. As a new entrant to the carpet cleaning industry, you could feel overwhelmed. Especially if you pick the wrong course. You’ll purchase your machine and get some technical training in a workshop. If you’re lucky it will be a mock-up home. If not it’ll basically be a selection of flooring material types.

This is why its important to choose the right carpet cleaning course. With us you not only get the technical help, you get to work in real environments. Yes thats right, you get to spend the day us visiting real clients. And once your training course is complete thats not the end. We will be here to provide advice, answer questions and provide ongoing telephone support if you need it. We don’t think you will need it though after signing up to one of our courses.

So go on, what are you waiting for? Pickup the phone or fill out the enquiry form below:

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