Coronavirus COVID-19 Update – Cleaning Staff Working Practices

In light of the current Coronavirus outbreak we would like to assure our customers

Face masks, protective eye wear and gloves will be worn by our staff at all times when visiting your property.

All our employees check for COVID-19 symptoms before working. This includes temperature checks with digital thermometers. We will not work if we have a cough or any other symtoms.

We take card payments if preferred. We also continue to accept cash. Our clients are invited to remain in a separate room while cleaning is in progress or leave the property if they prefer. Access is required to the kitchen or carpeted areas only during cleaning.

Our staff are equipped with anti bacterial wipes. Surfaces are cleaned when leaving. Not enough is known about Coronavirus yet. However we do know that steam cleaning kills bacteria and other known viruses. We therefore cannot promise to kill coronavirus COVID-19 by cleaning your carpets and ovens.

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