end of tenancy carpet clean before after

Dog Odour & Hair Removal from Carpets

We’ve cleaned carpets in Helsby, Holmes Chapel and Knutsford recently, to name just a few. A range of issues including dog odour, hair, cooking smells and bare foot staining all needed to be addressed.

Helsby – Dog odour & hair removal

The new owners of a house in Helsby booked us for carpet cleaning recently. The previous owners kept pets and there was a strong dog odour when they moved in. After checking all the rooms they discovered it was mainly coming from the living room carpet. Our carpet cleaning process is excellent for removing pet odours. Our customer was very happy with the end result — a clean, fresh smelling carpet, almost as good as new!

Knutsford – Preparing for sale

The owner of this property decided to put their house on market. Having moved the furniture they were advised to get the carpets cleaned. Clean carpets will help to achieve a higher asking price. We were booked and did worked our magic. The carpets look as good as new, as we’re sure you’ll agree.


Holmes Chapel – End of tenancy carpet cleaning

The property below is a rented house in Holmes Chapel. The old tenants had moved out and the landlords need to freshen things up. Clean smelling carpets are key when trying to attract new, high quality tenants. We carry out many end of tenancy carpet cleans for new and existing landlord clients.


Acton Bridge – Repeat customer

Much of the cleaning work we carry out each month is for repeat customers. This carpet cleaning job is for one such customer in Acton Bridge. The carpet is in very good condition thanks to the regular cleaning carried out by our team. Mild darkened areas can be seen in between the furniture. This is mostly due to bare foot traffic depositing skin oils and sweat which attracts dust partials. Our cleaning system makes short work of such staining, quickly and easily removing them.

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