end of tenancy carpet cleaning 101

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning 101

You might be a landlord with a recently vacated property. Maybe you have just left a rented a property. Either way you probably have a few questions around end of tenancy carpet cleaning. Especially if the property in question is in a bit of a mess.


Do landlords have to clean between tenants?

Tenants are responsible for leaving a property tidy and clean. However it is you the landlords’ responsibility to properly cleanse your recently vacated property, before a new tenant moves in. This includes arranging professional carpet cleaning.

Are tenants responsible for cleaning carpets?

There is no legal duty or legislation that states tenants should keep carpets clean. Nothing to say weekly vacuuming should be carried out or ovens to be kept clean. Tenants only have a responsibly to keep the property safe and free from serious infestation.

Can I use a tenants deposit to pay for carpet cleaning?

Allowing for standard wear and tear, you can recoup carpet cleaning costs, only if your tenant has left the property in an unsatisfactory condition. However its against the law to insert a clause demanding tenants routinely pay for a carpet cleaning.


Can you demand that your landlord pays for carpet cleaning?

Routine carpet cleaning is included in the turnover fees. So it’s against the law, in most cases, for a landlord to charge you for it. Landlords are responsible for cleaning and replacing carpets. This is part of the lease agreement, regardless of what you have agreed with your landlord.

What should you do if your landlord demands you pay for carpet cleaning?

If you believe there is no grounds for this you can contact your local council. Only in a case where there is exceptional soiling or damage to a carpet can a landlord make such demands. The Tenant Fees Act 2019 made such demands illegal in England on the 1st June 2019.

Should you pay for a professional clean when you vacate your rented property?

There is not law stating you should pay for cleaning when you leave a rented property. However if you want to rent another property and you need a reference from your landlord then it might be a good idea. It will also help to avoid any cleaning related disputes that may occur.

Photographic and video evidence

Take photos of every room in the property and video too. You’ll be covering yourself against unscrupulous landlords. Do this when you first move in and again when you move out. Focus on any carpet stains, marks and discolouration. Try to ensure that you get the same angles when taking the photos. This will make it easier to do a ‘before and after’ comparison should this be necessary.

Book a Professional Carpet Clean

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, if in doubt book a carpet clean with us for extra peace of mind. You could save yourself a lot of hassle!

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