How often do my carpets need cleaning professionally?

How often should I wash my hands? Should I clean the the kitchen and bathroom more often? Do I wear gloves and a mask when cleaning? Just a few of the many questions we’re all asking ourselves these days. It’s a strange time we now live in.

Adapting to a new way of living is something we all need to learn to do. We cannot give you advise on personal hygiene but we can when it comes to domestic cleaning. Specifically in this instance, carpets! Getting your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis is worth considering for a variety of reasons. Not least the health benefits.

So how often should you get a professional carpet cleaner in? The frequency depends on a few things. The volume of traffic, ie footfall. The type of traffic and your carpet type. The number of spillages is also a key factor.

We suggest the following frequency for professional cleaning;

Luxury Carpets

  • Light traffic and few spillages – Every 12 months
  • Moderate traffic and spillages – Every 10 months
  • Heavy traffic and spillages – Every 6 months

Hard Wearing Carpets

  • Light traffic and few spillages – Every 24 months
  • Moderate traffic and spillages – Every 12 months
  • Heavy traffic and spillages – Every 10 months

Still need convincing? Please read on…

The Advantages of Deep Cleaning

Having your carpets deep cleaned delivers a multitude of benefits. Ground in dirt, bacteria, allergens and other nasties don’t stand a chance. General dust and grime is also completely removed. Much of this unwanted material is invisible to the human eye. So don’t think your carpet is properly clean after you’ve used the vacuum cleaner. Deep cleaning leaves a fresh, crisp smell and promotes better health for your family. It will prolong the lifespan of your carpet too.


Pets come in from outside and don’t take their shoes off! They don’t even wipe their feet! Not your average pet anyway. They have bladder issues especially baby pets and the more senior elderly ones. They itch, they scratch and they deposit hair and other unwanted debris. This debris clogs up and binds to your carpet fibres. The only way to get rid of it, properly, is professional cleaning. Consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.


Whether you have toddlers, teenagers or something in between, kids make a lot of mess. A lot of kids make even more mess. Spillages, the ones you know about, happen all time. For every spillage you clean up you can guarantee there is one you didn’t find out about. All affect the lifespan of your carpet. Any visitors to your house will be too polite to mention any odours. Professional cleaning fixes these too

Handy Cleaning Tips

Probably obvious but regular vacuuming extends the lifespan of any carpet. For best results use a good quality vacuum cleaner. It should have good suction and efficient filters. Regular vacuuming will will extend the time between professional cleans.


A bit boring but not unlikely. Carpet manufacturers will refuse to replace a neglected carpet. Almost all recommend regular cleaning with hot water.

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