clean cooker hood

Keep your cooker hood clean!

When was the last time you cleaned your cooker hood? If you can’t remember, that’s too long. Especially if like us you use your hob every day. It doesn’t matter that you don’t always turn it on. Particles rise up when cooking on the hob and settle on and inside it.

Yes, its just another one of those boring devices. Just like the washing machine, bathroom extractor, dishwasher and so on. You only really think about them when they stop working. And they always to stop working when you need them most.

A clean cooker hood

Your cooker hood not only removes steam, it removes odors and other cooking smells. Those fresh cooking aromas might be mouth watering at the time, but what happens when they settle. After a while they will build up in your carpets, on your kitchen wall cupboard tops and upholstery. All those delicious aromas, mixed together and left to go stale.

A clean cooker hood will filter out all those small particles that would otherwise stay in your home. A clogged up cooker hood cannot do its job. It may look clean on the outside, but take a closer look inside and you could be in for a shock.

How often should I clean clean my cooker hood?

As with everything, it depends on how often you use it. Lets say, like most people, you use it every day. If that’s the case then you should clean it at least every three months. Especially with heavy use, such as cooking sauces and frying with oil. With lighter use, boiling the occasional egg, preparing some pasta, vegetables and so on, you could stretch this out to six months or maybe more.

I hate cleaning and I don’t have time

Why waste an hour or more of your precious time cleaning the cooker hood. Well that’s where we step in! We’ll not only do it faster, we’ll do it better. Leaving you to get on with something more interesting. So go ahead and call us today on 07936 060 076 or visit our contact page. You’ll be glad you did. Why not checkout out oven cleaning services too while you’re here.