Frequent Asked Oven Cleaning Questions

Frequent Asked Oven Cleaning Questions

How do you clean the oven?

All removable parts such as stainless steel shelves are taken out of the oven and soaked in our van based tank. Whilst these are soaking the remainder of the oven is cleaned by hand. Grease and burnt on carbon are removed from the interior. Once they are clean the removable parts from the oven are returned to the oven. The exterior is degreased, cleaned and polished.

Do you clean the glass doors?

Yes we clean all of the doors, including the glass, so that you have a perfect view of what you’re cooking.

What cleaning materials do you use?

We use only non caustic, non toxic, eco-friendly and fume free products in your home.

How soon can I use my oven after the clean?

As we use only eco-friendly products in your home you can use your oven immediately after it has been cleaned.

How long will the cleaning take?

It depends on the size of oven and the level of soiling. The time usually varies between 1-3 hours.

Do you work evenings and weekends?

We appreciate that many people will be out at work during the day and we are happy to provide our cleaning service on evenings and weekends.

How often should I get my oven cleaned?

We recommend you have your oven cleaned thoroughly every 12 months.

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