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Party Season is here, What are the Biggest After Party Problems!

Throwing a big party with lots of family and friends always feels like a great idea. That is until the party has finished and its time for the dreaded clean-up!

Whether its kids, adults or everyone in between, the mess will always be colossal. Kids leave chocolate and food stains all over the place, adults spill drinks and teenagers spill everything! Your emotions will go from excitement and fun to despair and dread in a matter of hours.


Over 90% of households will entertain in their homes between now and New Year’s Eve. In a recent NCCA survey it was revealed the nation’s biggest after party nightmares are in the home. For a party held at the office, a hotel function room or pub will usually be the responsibility of a commercial cleaning company. They will clean the carpets and everything else after you have left.

So its with no surprise that the biggest after party nightmare is stains in the carpet at home. This is closely followed by stains on sofas and curtains. Red wine was revealed as the most common party stain followed by coffee unidentifiable marks on carpet and upholstery.

More than 60% of people surveyed said they still have the stains months afterwards. 25% of people say they moved furniture to cover up the stains. One in ten people have admitted to spilling something in someone else’s house and never owning up. In the survey it was revealed that Autumn and Winter are the most neglected seasons for deep cleaning your home.

So don’t get stressed about the mess, just get in touch with us and we’ll clean your carpets and upholstery for you and restore it back to its former glory!