rental property carpet cleaning before after

Rental Property Carpet Cleaning and Domestic Oven Cleaning Projects

Its been busy, busy and busy all month for our carpet and oven cleaning team, here are just a few job pics we’d like to show you from the last few weeks…

February has been another busy and varied month for our team. Visiting all corners of the county we’ve been on a muck, grime and grease cleaning quest. The month kicked off with a flurry of carpet cleaning jobs from Chester to Crewe and quite a few in between. We had our fair share of ovens to clean too. The majority of our cleans were private domestic clients. There were though a few commercial and rental property cleans along the way.

carpet cleaned chester before after
Just like new again!! This carpet in Great Barrow near Chester was in a mucky state thanks to the property owners dog not wiping his feet 😁 🐶 but after we finished cleaning it, the owner thought it looked like a new carpet.

Cleaning extremes

Fairly often, upon arriving at a property, carpets may appear to be clean at first glance. However its usually the odours we’ve been called to get rid of in these cases. Pets and small children are the main culprits. With heavy use and lots of spillages, odours build up more quickly than people realise. You get used to your own smells at home. A close friend or relative then comes to visit and is brutally honest. Your house smells and its probably coming from the carpet.

Well that’s the last thing you want to hear. Your response will usually be; “well I hoovered this morning” or “we’ve had the windows open all day”. You find it difficult to believe. You say to yourself “my house can’t smell, I vacuum all the time”. The truth is your sense of smell becomes immune to your pets’ odours. Its now time to call the carpet cleaners in!

oven before after cleaning knutsford
We visited a home in High Leigh, just outside Knutsford and were able to get this oven back to nearly new condition.

Ovens nearly new again!

“We have a dirty oven” is music to our ears. An oven caked in gunk, slime and grime allows us to really show off our skills. Skills acquired with years of oven cleaning experience, I might add. A lovely client reached out on our contact form. A dinner party, following the relaxing of COVID restrictions, was planned. The oven was a mess. Partly due to a clumsy forgetful teenager, but that’s another story. On our arrival the doors and seals were off in no time. Our chief technician Ryan was on a mission.

Using the latest in our arsenal against grease and grime, he had the oven cleaned in a flash. “It looks like new again”, said the owner. We must admit when we saw the job photos we have to agree. After attempting to clean the oven herself in the past she understood what a tedious job it is. We had the job done in a fraction of the time. Most of all, a professional oven clean finished result is stunning, compared to a DIY clean. And anyway, who wants to spend half a day on their hands and knees cleaning the oven when they could doing something much more enjoyable instead.

rental property carpet cleaning before after
Before and after carpet cleaning, as you can see on the left the carpet was in a sorry state when we arrived at this rental property, however Ryan was able to rescue and revive it — the landlord is delighted!

Messy tenants

Your rental property is vacant again. Time to get some new tenants in. Wait, the previous tenant left the house tidy but — the oven and carpets are a mess. Burnt food baked into your oven. Stains and soiled carpets, floors and rugs. Have you got time to sort this out yourself? No, we thought not! Need to squeeze as much as you can out of the tenant in rent? Well you’re not gonna do that with a property that’s dirty and smelly.

People renting property these days are paying more in rent than people with a mortgage. So it should come as no surprise to you that they really don’t give a hoot about your carpets, oven or anything else in the property. And you can’t blame them either. They will also expect high standards when they arrive. They will also do the bare minimum when they leave. So you better have a plan, just like the landlords we deal with.


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