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Spring Cleaning – Our Essential Guide

Spring is in the air! Well, it is in some parts of the world right now. Spring means one think here at The Carpet and Oven Cleaning Co — spring cleaning 😊. The dark dull cold winter is history. Condensation on the windows, mucky grubby carpets, mouldy bathroom tiles, yuk, we don’t like winter either. But all this is soon to be gone, until next winter anyway.

“So where do I start?” I hear you ask. Simple answer, your carpets. They are responsible for most of the bad odours in your home. Your carpets are usually the grubbiest part of your home too, especially if you have pets, or kids, or even worse — both! Clean your carpets if its the only thing you do or even easier, hire us to do it for you. But for now we’ve compiled a list of our top ten spring cleaning tasks below.

Spring cleaning task list

  1. Vacuum and shampoo your carpets
  2. Vacuum your mattresses
  3. Shake and wash your doormats
  4. Dust and polish the whole house and wipe clean your walls
  5. Clean kitchen tiles and appliances
  6. Clean bathroom glass screens and appliances
  7. Reseal and grout kitchen and bathroom tiles
  8. Clean windows inside and out
  9. Polish TV’s, consoles and soundbars
  10. Clean upholstered furnishings

Well done you!

If you managed to do all the tasks above pat yourself on the back. Pour yourself a glass of something, put your feet up and admire your hard work. You’re done!

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