carpet-cleaning work wilmslow complete

Carpet Cleaning Work at Recently Vacated Wilmslow Rental Flat

End of tenancy cleaning is one of the services we offer here are The Carpet and Oven Cleaning Company, here is a job we did at Wilmslow recently.

Or carpet cleaning technician Ryan certainly loves a good pattern. Symmetry and cleanliness are two of his favourite words. He enjoys nothing better than getting a mucky carpet back to nearly new.

stained-funiture marked carpet wilmslow
This grey carpet was in a terrible state when we arrived, the tenants had left stains as a result if walking bare footed around the furniture.

Carpet Cleaning Work Wilmslow? – Customer contact

Using our website contact form the owner of this flat booked us in for an end of tenancy clean. It was early May and we had a steady work load. We were able to fit her in within just 4 days! This enabled her to get the flat back on the rental market more quickly than she expected.

bare foot carpet stains
The furniture indentations on this carpet were unsightly, especially with the bare foot staining, this carpet was on its last legs and could quite easily have been disposed of and replace with a new one — just think of the extra cost of this!

Having agreed terms and fees already our technician arrived at 9:30 prompt. Punctuality is another one of Ryans specialities! Work began with a short survey. A close inspection of the carpet revealed some minor staining and discolouration. A few drinks and food stains so fairly minor. The landlord could of course tried to clean the stains herself. However our cleaning systems combined with Ryans expertise were more than a match for these stains.

Carpet stain inspection

A visual assessment also revealed discolouration in an area of approximately 25% of the carpet. This was caused by foot traffic around the area the furniture had been located. Barefooted walking on carpet over prolonged periods of time is the primary cause of such discolouration. Oils and sweat deposits from feet combined with dust and crumbs will attach to the carpet fibres. This creates a dirty yellow stain. It also produces odours. This is especially the cause when people have poor hygiene and a oily diet high in fatty animal products. Many people think barefoot on carpet is best. Not true! You’re better off in socks or clean rubber soled shoes.

Carpet cleaning process

With all inspections complete and focus areas noted, carpet cleaning began. Ryan first agitates the carpet fibres with a safe spray on solution. This causes no harm to the carpet. The professional hot water machine removes the remnants of dirt and stains. Its built for removing stubborn dirt and stains. After the larger carpet section was successfully treated, the edges were finished with a hand tool. All that was left was to marvel at the neat patterns in the carpet. Sadly these fade away after a few days, but the carpet still looks just as clean. The pleasant aroma will also be present for days and weeks to follow.

grey carpet cleaning patterns
Foot traffic stains and furniture indentations on carpets are no problem for our technicians, Ryan has got this looking and smelling like new again and at a fraction of the cost to replace it.

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