carpet dirtier than street

Your Carpet might be Dirtier than the Street Outside!

Well, it looks clean but believe it or not your carpet could be harbouring more bacteria than the street outside your house

In a list of the dirtiest places in the average home your carpet will be right up there with the toilet, kitchen sink and toothbrush holders. Just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it’s not home to billions of tiny bugs and bacteria. How often do you catch a cold or get a tummy upset and blame it on the kids or work colleagues. Your carpet can hold more than seven times its weight in dirt, dust and bacteria.

Pets and Carpets

If you have pets then the bacteria count goes through the roof. When allowed to freely come and go outside for toilet trips or walks, your pets bring with them some pretty nasty bugs. Another hotspot is the area around where they eat from their bowls. Germs and bacteria multiply rapidly around pet food and quickly migrate to other parts of your house, such as beside the sofa or underneath the dining table. Bacteria don’t care about the 5 second rule, drop a piece of chicken, chocolate or even a crisp and they’ll be on it before you can blink.

Top Tip; place machine washable rugs in the most used areas of your house, especially near where you eat and exit/enter the house.


We recommend a ‘no shoes rule’ in every household. If you haven’t already got one then start now. Yes I totally understand how difficult it may be, especially if you have kids running in and out constantly like we do, but just think of the benefits. Herbicides used to control weeds in lawns can make their way onto your carpet and the rest of your home. These chemicals can be seriously bad for your health. Also consider the millions of Coliform and E. coli bacteria that are found on your shoes. There are some quite nasty strains of these bugs that can make you very sick indeed.

No time

Well, if you haven’t got the time to keep your carpets clean and free from dirt,bugs and bacteria, or simply can’t face the hassle, then hire a professional carpet cleaner like us. Pick up the phone or send us a message, its quick, easy and cheaper than you might think.

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